CAPITAL BUSINESS FUNDING provides a fast, flexible method for improving cash flow. With our services, your business has immediate access to working capital that could normally be tied up for 30, 60 or 90 days. We provide daily funding for consistent working capital allowing a company to take advantage of growth opportunities, target debt reduction, or fund daily operating expenses.

Cash is the life-blood of your business. Adequate cash provides you the ability to save money by taking advantage of better credit terms, provides you with the agility to take advantage of special inventory or material buying opportunities and ultimately provides you with peace of mind.

Savvy business owners understand how strong cash flow is critical for growth. It allows you to invest in new locations, renovations, more employees or more inventory or investing in the future of your company.

Learn how our Accounts Receivable Lending (link to page) and Asset Based Lending (link to page) programs help you increase your cash.