Frequently Asked Questions

1) what fees do you charge?

Capital Business Funding considers these factors when determining client pricing:

  • Average invoice size

  • Industry/Risk

  • Monthly billing volume

  • Average days to payment

Fees usually range from 1.25% - 1.99% monthly based on the invoice amount.

2) What is an Advance Rate?

An Advance Rate is the amount of money you receive when your invoice is purchased. The remaining balance is returned to you when your customer pays the invoice. Our standard advance rates are typically 85% of the gross value of the invoice..

3) How long does your application process take?

We respond to our requests within 24 hours of receiving the complete financial package.

4) Do I have to fund ALL of my receivables?

No. Our clients can choose which invoices will enable them to support their short-term working capital needs.

5) Do you require long-term contracts?

Unlike many competitors, we do not require long-term contracts. Our ultimate goal is to help clients grow and experience long term success.