Asset Based Lending

Business People understand the import of the trade cycle and the need to collect their invoices as quickly as possible. Inversely, their customers want longer terms and sometimes competitive pressure compels companies to offer longer trade terms.

Capital Business Funding can be a great solution as we fund accounts receivable/invoices and provide immediate cash which can be used to pay for salaries, inventory, rent, or any other business expense. Money is sent electronically and funding is almost instantaneous. Good Factors such as Capital Business Funding accomplish this with quick approvals and no onerous contracts that lock up companies.

All asset backed loans to include notes secured by inventory, equipment, real estate and accounts receivable consider the underlying collateral as a basis for funding. Funds are advanced based on a percentage of the value of the asset. Accounts receivable are typically advanced at 85% but we can go higher based on the application and quality of invoices funded.

Our professionals are very experienced and our average employee has over 20 years-experience in banking and other finance related fields. They use their knowledge to customize a funding solution based on each unique client and know each client by their name, never an account number.